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Ways of hiring a boat while on holiday

You want to offer an unforgettable holiday with friends, even if you are a student with limited means, you can rent a boat! For this you can go to to get rental services.

A yacht, otherwise nothing!

Once on a boat, it is no longer a question of finding a corner painfully or put your towel. On this boat, there is only you and your friends and the sea surrounds you. You just have to dive there to swim and enjoy the sweet feeling of being alone in the world. An even bigger sensation if you know where to find the lesser-known corners of the coast.

Renting a boat can also be a way to share a comfortable moment with friends. So why not rent a crewed yacht? Just a click to access a selection of boats that includes many services for a reception, an anniversary or a personal or professional event. Luxury is even more valuable when it's shared, is not it? You rent for the day or for a cruise on the Riviera (Cannes, Saint-Tropez), Corsica or Greece. Those who prefer a sailboat or a catamaran in the Mediterranean are not forgotten.

The wish to sail is sometimes impossible because of a major obstacle: the lack of connection. Everyone does not know a browser. On, you choose a destination and we offer a boat to rent at the desired location, with or without skipper. The site brings together tenants and boat owners who want to sail or have fun at the sea. The boats are very diverse, from catamaran to sailboat, passing by the motorboat, the RIB, and that to the best price.

Thus, the idea of renting a sailboat to go on vacation is already a beginning of letting go. Going on a boat holiday with Winds of the Sea is going a bit far in the brackets of the frantic rhythms of everyday life.


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