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The rental management

The rental management is the activity of taking control of the management of a property. This concerns the house in question, its stakeholders and its visibility on the targeted rental sector. Rental management is not mandatory, but it requires solid legal knowledge, as well as time and properties. Delegating the management of your property to a specialist ensures that you have a lease on appropriate terms. For more information : .

If you rent a house but don't want to do it, it is likely that you will be assigned this task. The management mandate is indeed an intriguing solution. The rental management mandate is a job that binds you to a professional (a property manager, a real estate agent...) and thanks to which he is authorized to manage all or part of your real estate resources. In the form of a written contract, it must be drawn up in duplicate and signed by both parties. The capital lease management mandate must include a specific amount of information to be valid.

The rental management mandate

These solutions have a price that reflects between 5% and 9% including VAT of the amounts. Focus on the services contained in the mandate to avoid expenses when signing. In addition, if the lease is high or if you have put several properties under control, it is relatively feasible to negotiate a management fee with the agent, which may sometimes be less than 5%. Before registering for this mandate, feel free to compare services and proportions and be smart. Ultimately, make sure that the representative understands you very well when discussing the speed of charges, whether it is talking to you tax-free or VAT-free, to avoid any unpleasant surprises...


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