Have a break in our beach house

Are you looking for a place to relax for your break, a stay at The Break offers the beach house accommodation within a stone’s throw of the beach – they’re not called Beach Houses for nothing! And whether you’re a couple, a family of four or a wedding party, we have a choice of eleven well-appointed holiday homes to comfortably accommodate you.

A very special place

Foodies can enjoy the finest gastronomic experience at a huge selection of award-winning winery restaurants or grab some gourmet food. And if you are in the beach house on a Saturday morning, the finest small batch food producers can all be found at the wonderful beach house Market- all your food needs in one great location. A little further afield you can take in a whale-watching tour and see the breathtaking whales at play. Or simply, take a short walk from the Beach Houses and enjoy the stunning sunsets that only the coast does best! … It truly is a very special place.

Beautiful beaches

Days and nights are often spent barbequing on the beach, playing some games along the shoreline and reminiscing about times. At the beach house, they love this time of year because it brings friends family together to reconnect and make lasting memories. There are a number of fun activity organized for the break period that embraces this wonderful tradition. There are Beautiful beaches during the break is a long-standing tradition. Hundreds of families flock to the coastline for the break weekend, bringing with them camping equipment and provisions to last them for days. It is one of the only times during the year when loved ones can gather and spend quality time together in a natural setting without the distractions of daily life. Exploring the night sky is an interactive activity for kids of all ages and it is such a memorable way to spend time together as a family. Enjoy the beach this break and take part in some of the nightly activities at the Beach House!

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