18 Janvier 2019 à 10h17 - 247

Steel repair solutions

The term "local" refers to plants and workshops used for the manufacture, repair, extraction or treatment of solutions. Thus, industrial hypotheses must be adapted to an industrial activity requiring considerable material resources (technical installations, tools and materials) and whose function is predominant in the manufacture of a good, within the framework of a service or handling action.

Concrete repair requires an understanding of the substrate to be fixed, its repair material and the environment in which it is used, as well as the mechanics of adhesion. This article analyses the built heritage at stake and potential intervention strategies. Emphasis is placed on the analysis of the consequences and causes of degradation affecting reinforced concrete structures. A diagnosis makes it possible to define the most appropriate.
The appearance of disorders in the gain of work constraints or a concrete structure justifies reinforcement. Discover our steel repair solutions Options range from the use of carbon fibers to crack injection to prestressing. Two unique situations can lead to the reinforcement of concrete structures in a building. The very first is linked to the appearance, over time, of problems that take into account the mechanical characteristics of the structure. These include the evolution of crack formation or carbonation. The situation is a change of boundaries. Often, the reassignment of buildings contributes to changes in restructuring and even overloads. The problems are due to a close relationship between the partitioning of spaces and the support structure. Thus, rethinking the premises means changing the structure.


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