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Go and discover the beautiful coasts

The Caribbean ... The perfect setting to rent a boat and enjoy your holiday! Let's go to Guadeloupe, Martinique and Saint-Martin to discover magical places that make you want to set sail.

Discover Guadeloupe and the Caribbean

Guadeloupe, set on the arch of the Lesser Antilles, is a vast and fabulous island ... Rocked by the Caribbean Sea on one side and the Atlantic on the other, the island is made up of 7 islands, with principal, "Karukera" (in Creole). This island, well known, forms a gigantic butterfly! An island perfect for trips to sea because it is easy to go from one island to another by renting a boat for a few days.

You will be able, between two walks on the long beaches of white sand, to rent a boat in Guadeloupe and thus to take advantage of all the natural charms of the place and to have a splendid view of the volcano La Soufrière which dominates the Guadeloupean landscape, since the sea.

For example, you can opt to rent a catamaran and enjoy your days to relax and enjoy beautiful places, which can accommodate up to 4 people. You will not be disappointed with the trip as your host will take care of your needs, even making delicious meals aboard the boat.

Another vacation option in the Caribbean, Martinique

A spectacular island that never disappoints vacationers in search of sun, beautiful scenery ... The island's inner wealth is dominated by the Mount Pelée volcano, which can be climbed in a few hours of walking.

Some renters offer for example outings for the day, with a night in an anchorage, perfectly quiet ... A privatized boat for maximum 4 people, far from catamarans offering outings with strangers, with boats filled Passengers ... They accompany you for free during the day to guide you and you will have the joy of finding yourself alone at anchor at night, to eat a good meal while watching the sunset.

But few people think to explore the coasts otherwise, perhaps more adventurous, more pleasant and far from the mass tourism, thanks to the hiring of a boat!


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