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SamBoat connects tenants navigators with boat owners, everywhere in France, in a friendly and secure way. Visit to subscribe to the startup rental service!

Samboat, the solution for you

Offering the rental, at lower cost and with comprehensive insurance, of a motorboat, sailboat or catamaran, SamBoat connects owners of boats and boating enthusiasts via its platform. Incubated at the digital hostel, the startup starts with a simple observation: a boat goes out on average less than ten days a year. The rest of the time, it is unused ... and it costs: annual fees related to the port, fuel, maintenance, insurance, etc. In one year, SamBoat has entered 500 motorboats and sailboats in its portfolio, spread over the French coast.

A community of trust

A nautical CV system allows the tenant to attest to his experiences at sea. Free to the owner to appreciate this CV to accept or refuse a rental.

Identity Verification: The user's license and phone number can be verified by the SamBoat team to increase the authenticity of the profiles.

Ratings and comments: after each rental, the owner and the tenant evaluate each other on SamBoat. This makes it possible to note the quality of the boat.

Secure payment: the payment of rentals and deposit are made online in a completely secure way.

We thought of everything, but especially of you ...

Samboat surfs on the wave of collaborative consumption and participates in the revitalization of the nautical world in France. Forget the sites classified ads, SamBoat offers its members, a climate of confidence by offering several tools:

  • All risks insurance for each rental

  • Secure online payment and deposit management

  • Ratings and comments of users after rental

  • Nautical resume to indicate his maritime experiences

  • Telephone support 7/7

Thus, the mission of SamBoat is to develop a new practice of yachting, which is more accessible and above all more humane.


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