2 Mai 2019 à 00h26 - 30

Best ways of spending the summer evenings

No matter where we go Discos is not lacking because you just have to know where to go, and you make the selection of clubs and parties that remain open throughout the season and especially in summer it is doing well.

Place to a program of the evening

A completely crazy idea, an assured change of scenery, a boosted atmosphere in your giant club. In your sunglasses, sunscreen and beach towel... Bottle offered for birthdays, decor and atmosphere 100% original, real Beach Bar as in California, outside terrace and covered depending on the weather, atmosphere boosted.

We are on a boat

A space of over 800m2 on three levels with two club rooms with two atmospheres and one huge covered terrace for the smoker in a prestigious and historic setting. We start with an ultra-festive aperitif outdoors from 8 pm, in a magical and magical setting followed by a night out to 5 am, so it's beautiful atmosphere. We embark on board the largest boat like the famous Concorde Atlantique which has all kinds of fun like these hot tubs for sale under our feet.

A high-powered DJ made in Ibiza

We bring goodies with the T-shirt, cap, sunglasses, hat and other fun accessories. Many spaces to ask you on two levels, an outdoor terrace open and music side, two atmospheres on two levels.

The festival meeting

Last summer you were very numerous, small, big, young and older to spend holidays at your doorstep thanked to the festival of summer time, to enjoy these evenings where we meet his neighbour, his buddies or his future soul mate, to make this great trip around the world. In the summer hours, returns from July 9 to August 16, 2019.

Finally, summer evenings are times when everyone finds happiness whether they are in the spotlight, or immersed in the spa or crazy in casinos.


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