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The different style and designs of spas

No luxury pool seems complete today without the addition of a custom spa. The combination of a swimming pool and spa creates a refuge in the backyard where homeowners can enjoy the best of both (aquatic) worlds: they can swim laps and sprinkle with the kids in the pool, then relax in the spa to relax.

Swimming pool with integrated spa

Integrated spa architecture is where the spa sits within the pool and tends to be part of the overall form of the pool. The spa may be built into a corner, side, or end of the pool, depending on the form of the pool and the utility position. A dam wall separates the two bodies of water to keep the cold pool water from penetrating into the heated spa. Though the spa is within the pool, it can be of any size or shape. To provide contrast between the spa and the pool, it can also be finished in a different plaster colour or finish material.

An attached spa

An attached spais built outside the pool, or adjacent to it. The pool and spa appear as separate entities, as opposed to an integrated spa. An attached spa may be of any shape or size; some attached spas are designed to blend with the rest of the pool design (as seen in the image below) while others are built in opposing form, such as the circular spa attached to the rectangular pool pictured at the left. In ground or elevated above ground can also be mounted in an attached spa. An associated in-terrain spa is built level with the pool; normally one pool wall acts as a spa wall. The pool and spa are terminated in the same materials in most designs. Occasionally, as seen in this pool and spa combination (right), the joint wall between the pool and the spa is left uncapped to produce a more seamless appearance.


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