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The best yacht rental you will find

The so-called "Western Civilization Cradle," nestled in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, brings with it a sense of mystery and allure that draws a steady stream of tourists from far and wide. The nation is also a delight for yachts, offering idyllic cruising grounds with its everlasting blue skies and turquoise waters. In typical Greek villages dotted with quaint white houses and cozy tavernas serving freshly caught fish from the sea, the stimulation continues off-board.

Greece offers a great opportunities for its visitors

Whether you're visiting Athens ' famed coastal capital, where ancient wonders sit side by side with state-of - the-art marinas, or the plethora of stunning tourist-friendly islands, Greece offers a variety of opportunities for unforgettable yacht charters. If you are located on the mainland, it is possible to make convenient day sails to several of these islands, giving you the opportunity to experience the country in all its glory.

Enjoying the climatic condition of Greece

Enjoy the nice and cozy Mediterranean climate and stroll pretty villages dotted with white homes against turquoise waters that shimmer underneath the intense sun. Sail from Athens to explore the Saronic Islands or from Lavrion to get Santorini, Ios and Serifos. From Corfu, Lefkas and Preveza you'll be able to sail to Paxos, Zante and Kefalonia at intervals the Hellene island chain, or work Skiathos and forrader to the Sporades. For the Cyclades, start your charter from our bases in Paros and Mykonos, or fly to Rhodes and Kos to charter the Dodecanese Islands.

Boat and yacht charter

Enjoy the following boat such as the Monohull, motor yachts, flotilla and cruises and sailing lessons, sailing boats and motor yachts, charter yacht in Greece for your summer holidays and explore the Aegean and Ionian Seas. Sailing and yacht rental greece: sailing and sailing yacht and yacht in Greece. Escape the multitudes and schedule your own itineraries, visit a new place every day, and head to the seas. Is it not possible to sail? Request a crew or a skipper and we will supply the complete package.


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