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Indulge into heat and bubbles

For ages and in many ancient cultures (Indian, Roman, Egyptian etc ..), we used hot water or hot bath for its relaxing and toning virtues for the body. Moreover, several researches and studies have even been done to support these remarks. Until today, we continue to exploit and enjoy the benefits of hot water. This has even taken on a new scale and the facilities for taking a hot bath are constantly improving.

What are the benefits of heat and bubbles?

We put ourselves in a spa or a jacuzzi or a bubble bath for at least fifteen minutes, we can relieve his body and relax to the fullest. The whirlpool hot tub helps to relax muscles and nerves. We can relax without necessarily doing too much effort or without suffering small pains of massage. Hot water massages the body in a delicate way without feeling anything. The projection of bubbles on the body also optimizes blood circulation and thus better regulate blood pressure. All of these spa benefits can be available at home if one is installed. So we wilal not have to make a reservation in a particular room or beauty center, we can have everything at home.

How often and for how long do you put yourself in a hot bath?

Opinions differ on the ideal time to spend in a whirlpool hot tub to enjoy the benefits. But according to studies done by professionals, about 15 to 20 minutes a day are enough. Beyond this time, there is a risk of dilating the veins too much and causing the blood to circulate too much more than normal. In addition, leaving your skin too long in the water could also make it more fragile, more vulnerable and therefore more exposed to diseases and different health problems. But as we have a spa in his house, we can enjoy it in time to relax and recharge.


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