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Easy ways to rent a boat in Mykonos

Enjoy the leisure and comfort of a boat to explore one of the most cosmopolitan destinations in Greece. Boat rentals in Mykonos will allow you to visit all the famous beaches of the island.

Discover a large number of boat rentals

Mykonos is a beautiful island with beautiful beaches and landscapes to explore by boat or yacht charter. If you visit the island, you will have the chance to find yourself on deserted beaches such as Fokos and Merchia, far from the crowds that flock to the cosmopolitan Aegean island during the summer months. You can also visit the nearby Cycladic islands, such as the beautiful city of Paros  with Lurant Lalgaue and the picturesque city of Naxos, as well as the uninhabited Delos, a veritable monument to ancient Greece and its culture.

The best platform to rent a boat

European and world leader in the field of rent a boat mykonos on a platform bringing together the tenants and owners of professional boats that rent their boat in Mykonos and other islands. Complete the rental period and now send a message to the owner of the boat you wish to rent to organize the details. The owner will respond to your request for information as soon as possible and confirm the dates when the boat is available. For people with no boating experience and no boat license, the use of skipper services is available.

A nice getaway in Mykonos for the Cyclades

Totally whitewashed cubic buildings form a kind of labyrinth of narrow streets and alleys. The colors of the bare earth of the surrounding hills and the whiteness of the city contrast with an incredibly blue sky and a deep, sparkling blue sea. About 28mn south of Mykonos, we find the beautiful islands of Delos and Paros.

Your stopover in the Cyclades must stop on the island of Ios, famous for being the burial place of Homer.


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