Tell us what type of trip you prefer, and we'll tell you what type of traveler you are!

There are travelers who like to go to new destinations every day. Those with their backpacks who never stay in the same place for two days in a row. For them, traveling means discovering as many places as possible. During the holidays, they can visit several cities, even several countries. The longer the trip lasts, the more they discover new destinations. These types of travelers are called “Speed ​​tracking”. On the other hand, we have people who like to enjoy their country of destination. Those who stay in the same place for the duration of the holidays. For them, going on vacation means having a good time. No need to travel to several cities, lazing on the beach and eating a good meal at the local restaurant for a week is enough to make them happy. Finally, there are the travelers who are in between. Staying in a certain place or leaving the next day depends on their desires. They can stay for several days at the beach and spend a day in the forest. These people are what we call epicureans or even balanced ones. Among all these people, have you determined what type of trip you prefer and therefore what type of traveler you are? Here are the questions you should ask yourself.

How long are you traveling?

Are you the type of person who stays in one place for your entire vacation, just to get to know the locals and customs of the country? To travel means to discover a country? Deepen your culture? Do you like to befriend local merchants? At each place you visit, do you like to make your mark? In this case, you are what is called the "romantic fan of culture" traveler. For you, the trip goes through exchanges, friendships, then through the important places to visit. You love meeting people and appreciate every moment you spend in a given country. At every place you visit, you expand your circle of friends.

On the other hand, if you are one of those who gusts from one place to another. If you only stay one night, at most two in the same city. If you like adventure and discovery, you are one of those who are called "all-in". The “all-in” traveler is the one who wants to try everything, who wants to discover everything. For him, everything must always pass very quickly. It is true that traveling "speed" has its interests in that one can visit several places in a short time. But sometimes, by wanting to explore too many places, we risk missing out on the wonders that make each country special.

What type of accommodation do you choose?

You are a traveler who likes to plan your vacation and book your accommodation in advance in an area like, a 5-star campsite in Vias. Visit this site to learn more. When you go to Vias or another city, you want to sleep in a warm and friendly place! Whether in a tent, a mobile home, a caravan or a villa, you want to feel like a local, cook local specialties, go shopping, visit the essentials. You want to be sure, that if you don't have time to go on an adventure to explore Vias or your destination city, the campsite where you reside will have a swimming pool, playgrounds, enough activities and entertainment to keep you entertained. Therefore, you are the organized traveler who likes to plan everything. For you, unpleasant surprises are to be avoided.

After all, there is nothing wrong with anticipating your stay. What could be more annoying than being at your destination and not having a roof over your head.If you are the one who likes to travel where the wind prevails, the one who asks, if there is still a free room once at your destination, the one who is not afraid to sleep on a park bench, on the beach, in a Bed and Breakfast or in the car, then you are the ultimate jet-setter adventurer. Your backpack is your only ally. You are not afraid of tomorrow and always know how to manage, no matter the situation. But sometimes it can happen that you don't always have your lucky star with you. A minimum of organization is always necessary to avoid unpleasant surprises.

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