A luxurious trip to Greece

Athens is a place where the weather is good all year. It's the old Greece Athena with the story and the rest. But what interests us is this getaway on the water.

Tourism in Greece

At first, people come to learn about the culture of Greece. Today, people come to enjoy the scenery. Greece Water boils at a crossing from Mount Olympus to the island of Crete in admiring the beauty of the Cyclades. You can alight in Athens and take the trouble to visit the Byzantine Museum and the National Museum. And get lost at night in the wake of Plaka or drink in Metaxourgeio. Indeed, this is a city that is worth throwing it a glance. Then you can sleep quietly in your cabin by leaving carried away by the wind of the sea.

The tour of Greece

The next day, you still full of monuments to discover as archaeological acronym in happiness to find the treasures of Athena. Then we pass by Santorini, enjoying the scenery of the village of Oia, the islands of Rhodes, where the legend of Colossus Mandraki plays its role. The stay on this yacht charter greece will take pace for Crete, Thessaly and Meteora, the Peloponnese with its Olympic and full of interesting sights Games. But when we walk on a yacht, Greece disconnects with the earth and wife the calm of the sea.

The floating luxury Greece

At the heart of the ocean under the beauty of Corfu, and the small passage between Corinth, the Los Kos, Milos, Naxos, Samos, the famous Skyros and Zakynthos. One can find plenty of good design label for a getaway on the water in Greece. One can go through a boat rental company and take a sailboat or catamaran, which is not also a bad idea.

Greece promises you all the same ferry cruise, which we mix with wealthy people and looking for relaxation.

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